The village of Leebiton is characterised by cottages which were the homes of miners who worked at Sandlodge mine. The mine head shaft was behind Sandlodge (the laird's house) and the mine produced high-grade iron and some copper (there are other iron mine remains around Sandwick and beyond). The Sandsayre pier is listed (built by the Stevensons) and is used by the local sailing club and the Mousa boat. There is an interpretive centre in the old boatshed building. There is a good coastal walk from beyond Sandlodge farm to the deserted (cleared) village of Burland and its nearby broch ruin. This can be continued on over the hill to Noness. You can also walk to Burland up the Pund road.

Leebiton Sandsayre & Sandlodge images

Leebiton beach & Sandsayre pier

Sandsayre pier (Cunningsburgh behind)

Sandsayre Pier (link)


Leebiton & hay meadows

Shetland-model sailing boats at Leebiton

Seals on Sandsayre pier

Waiting on the Mousa boat at Leebiton