San'ick (Sandwick) gives its name to the whole parish/district since that is where the Church of Scotland stands (Da Muckle Kirk), and the Sandwick graveyard is between the kirk and the sea. The graveyard gives an insight into local history from the names and details on the gravestones. There is a sandy beach here, and reportedly several wrecks buried in the sand offshore. There is an old right-of-way (Da Kirk Gaet) that leads from the kirk, up the hill to Houlland and on down to Stove, Cullister and Hoswick (probably little used now).



San'ick (Central behind)

San'ick weeks (Noness, Haelicks & Sumburgh)

Geo o' San'ick, Curfield, Rugg & Noness

Moorfield, Camperdown & Hillcrest

San'ick (Muckle) Kirk

Hillcrest & Setter (from Noness)

San'ick (Noness behind)

San'ick Hillcrest & Setter (from Noness)

Hillside & San'ick (from Noness)

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